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We Can Help with Food and Jobs

Posted: 03/26/2020

Hiring for full-time staff that can deliver exceptional customer service and follow the "Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence".  Apply here:

At the Beef Jerky Outlet we are a highly specialized grocery store with food items that have a shelf life greater than 12 months so we are continuing to provide medical facilities, businesses, and guests with healthy and lean protein foods including portable steak, dried fruits and veggies, pickled items, and seasonings for meals being prepared.

We have expanded our fulfillment hours for online orders and ship everywhere the United States Postal Service goes so areas impacted throughout the world can receive food in a timely fashion that's both nutrient-rich and long-lasting.  We have also expanded our hours to meet the needs of in-store guests and both open early and close late for guests on a regular basis at their request along with curbside pick up.

We're also currently running specials on online and curbside pickup orders at: